15L Countertop Atmospheric Water Generator

$1,995.00 inc GST

  • Produces up to 15 litres of pure healthy filtered drinking water daily from the best source possible – the air!
  • As convenient as the tap but much better for you – with no plastic bottles to buy or lift
  • Quick and simple setup with no assembly or plumbing required – just plug it in!
  • Seven stages of filtration removes all chemical and biological contaminants including fluoride, lead, viruses, bacteria and more
  • Costs less than one years supply of equivalent liters of bottled water (store or service) so will pay for itself many times over!
  • Australian designed and patented for Australian conditions to be reliable, energy efficient and solar power compatible
  • Minimal upkeep with easy to install replacement filters available online and change filter notifications onscreen
  • Can also be connected to other sources such as tank or bore water in addition to its own drinking water production
  • Bonus. Acts as a dehumidifier to reduce mold, mildew mites and other allergens
  • Suggested for small families, homes and caravans

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15L Atmospheric Water Generator Specifications:

Features of the 15L plug and play Atmospheric Water generator.

  • 15L per day water extracted from air at 80% humidity 30C;
  • Storage Capacity: 6L fresh drinking water
  • Power required: 220v solar or 240v mains
  • Frequency: 50 hz
  • Water Production Power: ..350 w @220V
  • Working atmospheric Temperature: 14 – 40C
  • Working atmospheric Humidity: 33 – 95%
  • Unit Weight: 34 KG
  • Unit Dimensions (cm): 45×45 x 56
  • Room temperature water
  • Leak detector alarm
  • Change filters alarm
  • 7 Stage filtration:
    • Electrostatic air filter
    • Total Contaminates Removal (TCR) filter
    • 10 Micron Carbon Pre- Filter
    • 5 Micron Carbon Post Filter
    • Reverse Osmosis Filter
    • Silicon/Sand/Carbon lower Tank pouch filter
    • Recirculates water made daily past 2 UV lights keeping water fresh and bacteria free.
  • Parts Per Million less than 50
  • EC less than 100
  • Compact filters are designed for us by GE
  • Auto Low Humidity sleep mode at 33% with water disbursement available.
  • Add additional water conveniently from an exterior source.
  • 12 month warranty

Spare Parts

  • Reverse Osmosis RO Filter WES15

    $159.95 inc GST
  • Post Carbon Filter WES15

    $41.95 inc GST
  • Pre Carbon Filter WES15

    $41.95 inc GST
  • Total Contaminant Removal TCR Filter WES15

    $59.95 inc GST
  • Water Remineralisation Filter WES15 (optional)

    $59.95 inc GST