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Pure Drinking Water From Air

Get healthier water without plumbing or plastic bottles

Airqua Bx Busines Awards 2024 finalist
Airqua Sunshine Coast Business Awards nomination 2024

We are dedicated to providing drinking water that’s better for both people and the planet

Our Range:

Water from air machines, designed in Australia, for Australian conditions. Filters and spare parts available for all models. 250L and 500L per day models also available.

  • 15L Countertop Atmospheric Water Generator

    $2,200.00 inc GST
  • Airqua 30L Atmospheric Water Generator
    Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

    30L Atmospheric Water Generator

    $3,300.00 inc GST
  • 60L Atmospheric Water Generator

    $5,495.00 inc GST
  • 100L Atmospheric Water Generator

    Call for Price

What is an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)?

Atmospheric Water Generators take humidity from the air and convert it to pure drinking water.

Have you ever taken a cool glass of water outside on a hot day and notice drops of water on the side of the glass?  In a nutshell, that’s how an atmospheric water generator works – just on a much larger and more efficient scale.

The water from air is then collected and put through a 5 stage filtration process, providing you with pure drinking water.  With all of the chemicals and nasty bits taken out.

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How does an Airqua Atmospheric Water Generator work?

  • Capturing moisture from the air isn’t new. It’s been practiced for thousands of years using passive techniques to collect the fresh water circulating constantly in the air – even in arid climates
  • What is new is harnessing advanced technologies to increase production and further purify this water from any contaminants to our modern health standards – conveniently and efficiently
  • An Airqua AWG operates in a similar fashion to a de-humidifier except, instead of wasting the water it extracts, the water is passed through six additional stages (seven including the initial air filter) to deliver pure healthy drinking water from the best source on the planet
  • Note that your Airqua will double as a dehumidifier as well which reduces mold, mildew and other allergens in your home or workplace
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Stages of creating water from air
Airqua WES30L Atmospheric Water Generator dispensing water

Why extract water from air?

Free purified drinking water – from the air you breathe.

Imagine being able to have the purest and best tasting drinking water free at the push of a button (as convenient as the tap but much better for you) and never having to buy bottled water again.

An Airqua atmospheric water generator is …

  • SAFER: the best possible water for health – better than either bottled or municipal supply
  • SUSTAINABLE: better for the environment – eliminating plastic bottles as well as extraction, bottling and transportation related carbon generation
  • SAVINGS: much cheaper than bottled water per liter – pays for itself over time and over & over again
  • SECURE: assured drinking water source – for short term supply disruptions and long-term water independence
  • SIMPLE: as convenient as your tap – simply “plug and play” with no heavy bottles to lift ever
  • SETS YOU FREE: peace of mind for mobile and off the grid lifestyles – for caravan travelers as well as hinterland living (can be combined with solar)
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We purchased two 15ltr machines around 8 months ago for personal use shared between two families. We are so impressed we have recently purchased three more of the larger machines and can’t wait to try them out!

LloydShotton Group Pty Ltd

I have personally been using the 30 ltr Air to Water machine in our family home in Hawke's
Bay for the last 2 years and am extremely impressed by its performance. Our family had
difficulty in drinking Hawkes Bay town water supplied by the Council and became unwell
frequently from the added substances as well as impurities found in the water. Since we
installed our ATW machine all of us in the family feel more energized, m entally more aware
and most importantly in better health. Even people who visit our home comment that the
water tastes like it comes from a mineral spring and feels extremely refreshing.

We have used the water at events to sell great tasting lemonade without the plastic taste from drinking hoses and regularly use them to make clean water for quality ice cube making machines”

We’ve got a 6 month old with really bad reflux, would you believe since switching to the water from the machine his symptoms have dissipated. Good work on that machine mate it’s awesome.”

“ Hey we are really happy with the WES 15! We were drinking Grander Water prior for many years, which is great structured water, but we really noticed how much softer and lighter the water is out of the machine. My husband has also noticed that it seems to be more hydrating, as he doesn’t need to drink as much as he used to why do you think that would be out of curiosity? I have passed on your website to a lot of clients who are interested. Also, just a reminder to send me a list of what filters I will need to have ready initially.

Oh fantastic 🙂 ours is getting a workout at the moment, humidity is fairly low but haven’t run out of water yet only ever gets half full”.

Loving this model of Air To Water machine - now for over five years in our Tiny House - it's been terrific. Generates clean, remineralized, non-fluoridated.

Bub uses it for his formula and he isn’t having stomach problems digesting his formula.
We also use it for our coffees, teas and evening water before bed so definitely
feeling better ourselves

We believe so much in the WES Air To Water Machines, after using them for over 8 years now, to minimal fault, we have been selling them through our community organisation, and been touring them to regional shows to reach the rural community particularly who face regular quality water scarcity.

“Last week we had the most extreme humidity on the east coast this summer
the 30 litre a day machine was filling its 15 liters of storage in less than 10 hours, so we were throwing away water to keep it dehumidifying. Blown away.”

The 30 L WES air to water generator has been serving us well for over a few years now without any faults and has moved many times with us in an off-grid Tiny House On Wheels. Great product and great design when maintained by regular water filter replacements! We are proud of this machine.”

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