500L Atmospheric Water Generator

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  • Produces up to 500 litres of pure healthy filtered drinking water daily from the best source possible – the air!
  • Internal 240 litre storage tank with external connection for distribution or additional storage
  • Easy maintenance with user replaceable filters available online and change filter notifications onscreen
  • Multiple stages of filtration removes all chemical and biological contaminants including fluoride, lead, viruses, bacteria and more
  • Can also be connected to other sources such as tank or bore water in addition to its own drinking water production
  • Suggested for any high-volume water requirements including livestock or agriculture as well as larger schools, hospitals, entertainment venues, factories and more
  • Please contact us for installation and shipping details


500L Atmospheric Water Generator Specifications:

  • 500L per day water extracted from air at 80% humidity 30C;
  • Storage Capacity: 240L fresh drinking water
  • Power required: 3-phase 4-wire system, 380V
  • Frequency: 50 hz
  • Water Production Power: 12 kW
  • Working atmospheric Temperature: 14 – 40C
  • Working atmospheric Humidity: 33 – 95%
  • Unit Weight: 560 KG
  • Unit Dimensions (m): 2.350*0.85*1.46
  • Leak detector alarm
  • Change filters alarm
  • Filtration:
    • Electrostatic air filter (washable)
    • Total Contaminates Removal (TCR) filter
    • Carbon Pre- Filter
    • Carbon Post Filter
    • Reverse Osmosis Filter
    • Recirculates water made daily past UV lights keeping water fresh and bacteria free.
  • Parts Per Million less than 50
  • EC less than 100
  • Auto Low Humidity sleep mode at 33% with water disbursement available.
  • Council water Grid connection spout or ADD water from an external source.
  • Suitable to dispense water into alternate storage tank.