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Why Atmospheric Water Generators?

Best possible water for health – better than either bottled or municipal supply
Better for the environment – eliminating plastic bottles, as well as bottling and transportation related carbon generation
Cheaper than bottled water per litre – pays for itself over time over and over again
Water security – for short term supply disruptions and long-term independence
Supports off the grid lifestyles –including caravan traveling as well as hinterland living (especially when combined with solar power)
Convenient as your tap – simply “plug and play” with no heavy bottles to lift ever


Best possible water for your health

  • Anti-static patented air filter
    • Anti bacterial filter, cleans air before it turns to water
  • LF2 Zeolite
    • Removes organic compound and dust particles from the air
  • Sediment filter
    • Removes micro particles to protect RO booster pump
  • Pre-carbon filter
    • Removes organic compound, odour, free chlorine, heavy metal etc.
  • Post-carbon filter
    • Additional filter to remove same as pre-carbon, to protect RO filter
  • ROF membrane
    • Removes micro impurities, colloid, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria and other harmful substances.
  • TCR carbon filter
    • Provides elements & minerals, raises pH levels
  • Ultraviolet sterilisation system
    • Eliminates all bacteria up to 99.9%
  • Top tank UV device
    • Eliminates bacteria growth
  • Cool water out UV device
    • Eliminates bacteria growth in dispenser tube
  • Bottom tank UV device
    • Eliminates bacteria growth
  • Water recirculation
    • Keeps stored water fresh and clean

Best for the Planet

Did you know?

  • That 3 BILLION bottles are carelessly discarded every year?
  • It requires triple the volume of water to create a plastic bottle than it does to fill it?
  • That 17 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic bottles every year?
  • That transporting a half litre bottle of water uses the equivalent of a lightbulb being left on for 14 hours?
  • That discarded plastic bottles can take a 1000 years to fully degrade (all the while they are leaching into the environment)
Plastic bottles contaminating beach