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 WES 100L Air Water Machine dispenser

Woodford, Queensland, Australia – December 13, 2023, World Environmental Solutions Pty Limited (WES), the Australasian leader in Water from the Atmosphere introduce our first 

WES 100L Water from Air Dispenser.

“This particular 100L / day machine is perfect for many Mining camps and NGOs working inremote areas where access to decent drinking water has limited access. Clean drinking water can be complex and sometimes difficult in certain areas”, said Walter (Wallie) Ivison CEO and founder of WES.

“All the WES proprietary AWG Technology has been under continual  development and improvement yearly since 2006. We boast our machines are the latest in refined technology and at the same time making them reliable, cost effective and simple to install. Our machines can be operated by Solar power if required and can then provide many of those inaccessible Islands and towns with decent drinking water ”, added Ivison.

Available March 2024.

Airqua® is a licensed distributor for World Environmental Solutions. For more information about the new 100L unit or any of the Water from Air range, Contact Us.