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We woke today to the news we had been anticipating for some time now – severe and widespread flooding in Cairns and the NE Queensland region. Having seen Jasper arrive as a cyclone, and then remain a tropical storm sitting over the area for days, we can only imagine the devastation. Our thoughts are with all of the many people whose lives are being disrupted.

Amongst the headlines is the news of drinking water shortages which is of course ironic.

One of the first crisises in a natural disaster such as this is the availablity of clean drinking water, whether it be fire or in this case flooding, as one of the first casualties is the loss of the water treatment infrastructure and often any water transportation capablity due to road closures etc.

Among their other attributes, atmospheric water generators can be important components for disaster resiliancy planning – whether for individuals or larger facilities – as they provide security for the most vital daily requirement of clean drinking water even if you are cut off.

Coupled with a generator or solar power source you can continue to have pure fresh drinking water throughout the event even if power grid is affected as well.

While our most popular models are the 30L and 15L  machines, which are best for personal home or small office use, we also have larger units such as the newly remodeled 100L which can produce up to 100 liters of drinking water daily. With a 100 liter internal storage tank it can also be used to filter water taken from another source (such as tank or bore water) adding even more value and flexbility.

Of course, an Airqua AWG is also a great resource for dry times as well.

Until the arrival of the recent storm acitivity here in SE Queensland we saw posts every day from people scrambing to find water deliveries as their tanks had run dry. Throughout that period, even with some very low humidity days, our AWG’s continued to produce fresh drinking water without fail.

If your life is in danger, call Triple Zero (000) immediately. For flood and storm emergency help, call the SES on 132 500

For more official flood information, please got to

If you need more information about drinking water from air, contact us.