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If you were around Noosa Civic just before COVID hit, you may have seen this guy (Wallie) demonstrating AWG’s. Such was the interest generated, he even got his picture in the Noosa News.

At Airqua, these are the units that we, along with Wallie, sell as an exclusive distributor to most parts of Queensland.

Why did we choose Wallie’s AWG’s? We did a lot of research into the market before we dived in. There are other suppliers overseas who make claims about what their machines can do, but it was so difficult to nail down specifics, let alone get samples (or even buy stock!)

Wallie’s AWG’s were designed by his company World Environmental Solutions, for Australian conditions. Stock is ready to ship from a warehouse in Brisbane and comes with a 12 month warranty.

Spare parts and filters are also available for when you need to service the unit down the track.

In one word we felt confident.