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Water from air vending machines.

The WES 60L Air Water Maker has been installed into an existing line of Water 3 vending machines. This allows the vending machine to operate, dispensing water, and refilling. These operate on 240 Volt without being connected to a water source like council water, or as has been the case in the past, spring water had been carried to the Machine.

In addition to supplying Water collected from the Atmosphere around the machine, the Water 3 dispenses reusable Stainless Steel insulated bottles. These bottles are re-cognizable through an RFID code on the bottle cap. Upon presentation, the water refill is charged to the customers account on their registered Credit card. All this is done on site.

The bottle can be taken to any of these Water 3 water vending machines and are re-cognizable by the RFID code, and as a returning customer, dispensers water to that bottle at a preferred price.

Pure clean drinking water from the air now available in these remarkable machines.