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Airqua are delighted to announce that we are an approved stockist of Thor Surge Protection products.

Why did we choose Thor? Simple. They are the best. Australian designed and engineered, they back up their product quality with a warranty of up to $75k for your connected appliances.

That means that you can enjoy the pure water generated from Airqua Atmospheric Water Generators, without worrying about the unit being damaged from power surges.

What are power surges?

Split second spikes in power that can fry the components of electrical equipment. Surges can also cause a loss of computer data. Thor Surge Protection helps to provide a defense against such spikes.

What are the main causes of surges?

The 3 main causes of surges are:
Changes to the power grid – eg the electrical company switching from one grid to another
Nearby lightning strikes
Powerful appliances in home (such as refrigerators) turning on and off.

How does a surge protector work?

Surge protectors work by diverting excess electrical current caused by spikes to the earth wire, harmlessly away from your appliances. Thor surge protection products do this within 1 nanosecond.

The powerboards also provide 2 fast charge USB ports for your phones, tablets, console controllers and other USB devices. Very handy when you need to charge and go.

Want to know more about surge protection?

Read about the 4 way Thor surge protection powerboard, or visit Thor Technologies website.