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How do Atmospheric Water Generators filter the water?

To provide you with the purest drinking water, the Airqua Atmospheric Water Generators pass the condensed water through a 7 step purification process.

  1. Anti-static patented air-filter: Before air becomes water drops through condensation, the air must go through an anti-static air filter to filter out dust particles and effectively block dust in the air from entering the machine.
  2. Reverse Osmosis: Mainly removes micro impurities, colloid, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria and other harmful substances.
  3. Pre-Carbon Water Filter: Removes organic compounds, odor, free chlorine, heavy metals, etc.
  4. Post-Carbon Water Filter: Further removes any color, odor, heavy metals, organic compounds and chlorine, at the same time protecting the RO membrane from chlorine and thus extends the life span on the RO membrane.
  5. TCR filter: The Total Contaminant Removal (TCR) post-filter contains granular activated carbon and is placed in a position where there is longer contact time to ensure adsorption of any organic contaminant that might have escaped the reverse osmosis (RO) process.
  6. Lower tank carbon filter (small pouch): Removes large grain impurities in the water of bottom tank, to protect the water booster pump and make its service life longer.
  7. UV light: The proprietary ultraviolet lamps treat the water for sterilization to ensure that all bacteria and microorganisms are eliminated. Sterilization process is controlled by microcomputer automatically.
    1. Top tank UV device: Eliminate bacteria growing in top tank, reduce bacteria level to minimal.
    2. Cool water out UV device: Eliminating bacteria from dispensing tubing. To ensure water is safe to drink.
    3. Bottom tank UV or LED UV device: Eliminate bacteria growing in bottom tank, reduces bacteria level to minimal.

All of these filters need to be change regularly and can be purchased from us as spare parts